Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I'm very upset and concerned.

Apparently I'm not 24-turned-25.

I'm 25-turned-26!!!

I do not know how this happened.

Our family has always joked around about my mother's memory, she is so scatterbrained it's not funny. The kids like to "drop things in her 'drop box'" and I am always joking "you know that drop box doesn't have a bottom, don't you?!"

I always thought that was funny.

Now I'm just worried.

(But you can laugh at me if you really feel it's necessary)


Kristie said...

LOL! She was just trying to help you stay young! I know when I hit 29 next year I plan on staying that age for A WHILE! LOL!

Odie Langley said...

Oh, you are young girl. My baby girl is 26 this year and that is definately not old. A side note, I received not only a CD yesterday from the church but the whole series. Tell them I sure do appreciate it. She is a good teacher.

lace said...

apparently you weren't mistaken when you kept putting 25 as your age.

Happy Birthday again.

Angela said...

Funny how having two children can make you feel so old, even though 25 or 26 is still pretty young! And then when we see other people our age who are sooooooooo much more immature they just seem like kids. (Probably because they are immature kids!)