Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cool It - A Pre-Screening Invite

Cool It

From the site:
Climate catastrophe? The end of civilization as we know it? Cool It is based upon the book of the same name and lectures by Bjorn Lomborg, the controversial author of The Skeptical Environmentalist. Award-winning filmmaker Ondi Timoner travels the world with Lomborg exploring the real facts and true science of global warming and its impact. Lomborg is the founder and director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, a globally respected think tank that brings together the world’s leading economists to prioritize major global problems — among them malaria, the lack of potable water and HIV/AIDS — based upon a cost/benefit analysis of available solutions. Amidst the strong and polarized opinions within the global warming debate, Cool It follows Lomborg on his mission to bring the smartest solutions to climate change, environmental pollution, and other major problems in the world.

From me: I have not seen this movie yet, and I don't think I'll be able to make it to a pre-screening (even though there's one near me), but I like the premise of the movie and will definitely be looking for it when it's out. I've always rolled my eyes about the hype around global warming - it'd be nice to hear from someone with a sensible approach to the real problem.

If you're interested in seeing a free, pre-screening of Cool It, just click here to see what cities are hosting and then RSVP (for you and your guests) to the event you want to attend.

If you go, let me know what you think!