Friday, November 19, 2010

Crafty Links!

I have run across so many links lately that there are waaay to many to pour on you in a Linky Love post. So I've put them in more manageable bites for you - you're welcome :)


Thanks Glassing - I think this is a really awesome idea; and a great family tradition!

Maple Leaf Coasters
- Super cute and easy.

Thanksgiving Crafts - I want to make ALL of these amazing Thanksgiving crafts...realistically though...

Advent Calendars:
I've been Googling advent calenders because I'm planning on making one for the boys and I wanted to share my finds with you! We're going to do a simple paper one this year (because it's such short notice), but next year....

Advent Calendar Template - super cute, but I don't think I'm wanting to pay $11 just for a template.

Mini Cupcake Pan Advent Calendar
- I LOVE this one and it may be my permanent pick.

Felt Envelope Advent Calendar
- Like the idea, but not the colors she chose. It would be easy to store though.

I'm thinking about attempting this origami envelope for our advent calendar this year.


How to Wrap and De-tangle Christmas Lights
- Brilliant! (I should have known this...)

Wrapping Paper/Ribbon Wall Rack - I don't use wrapping paper, but this is way cool!


Odie Langley said...

Some fabulous ideas, the one I really liked was the "Thanks Glass". One of the most fun projects I ever did was resin casting back when it was not so expensive. I had molds for coasters and would put tiny beautiful shells into the liquid before it hardened and would pop it out of the mold while the bottom was still a tiny bit tacky and apply colored felt to the bottom and trim off. they were crystal clear with the shells and were a big hit in sets of 4 or 6. I miss those days.

Kristie said...

I totally LOVE the advent calendars!! I would collect advent calendars if I had room to display all of them! My favorite is probably the muffin tin one-too cool!