Thursday, November 11, 2010

I lost you and it stinks

The lost part. I logged on to Blogger today to check up on all my blogs and you were all gone!

I had a minor heart attack.

I have no clue why Blogger thought it'd be a good idea to take you all of my dashboard, but it's a good thing that "carbon copies" are kept at the Google Feed reader. I just spent an hour adding all my blogs back into my dashboard and then I wrote all of my favorite people down in a notebook, just in case.

You really can't beat the paper.

The stinky part. There has been this nasty smell in my house for about a week now. It smelled a little like milk or cream that has soured and so I washed my month's worth of dirty dishes.

Nope, wasn't that.

So then I moved my microwave and cleaned under it.

I moved my portable dishwasher and cleaned under it.

I checked the floor for random milk messes I hadn't cleaned up.


I grabbed a stool from the table and climbed up to check the top of my fridge.

Ummm yep. Dead mouse in a trap. Blood all over the place. No clue how long he'd been up there.

And yes, I DO check my traps. I jump to see the top of the fridge.

Apparently jumping does nothing if you're 5'3 and the mouse managed to turn the trap so he is hidden behind it. Who knew?

Either way, gross! I used the boys' Happy Meal box to scrape the mouse and the trap into a plastic bag. It was stuck to the fridge *shudder*

The fridge is now coated in disinfectant and I'm am registering at to find myself a mouse-trap-emptier. (not really, don't panic. Although I would seriously consider offers...)

I did a Google search trying to find a picture to go with this post. Unfortunately the one I wanted cost $12 - what is it with people these days? Share the funny comic for free! Jeez! Anyways, don't Google "dead mouse" I'm never eating again.


Odie Langley said...

Glad you got everything under control. We sure don't want to loose you either girl. I am prepared with the sticky kind of traps but haven't seen any yet.

What I Did Today said...

Oh YUCK! That dead mouse in my house would definitely give me the willies! That's weird that you lost everything in your reader. Hope tomorrow is more of a happy finding and smelling something good sort of day. :)

Kristie said...

I can't believe blogger lost everyone on your dashboard!! I think I'd cry! LOL!

I had to laugh about the mouse-totally sounds like something that would happen here! LOL!