Thursday, November 4, 2010

When Strawberries Bloom

When Strawberries Blooom

by Linda Byler

From the book: New love and even more questions enter Lizzie Glick's life in When Strawberries Bloom, the second novel in this series written by an Amish writer and based on true life experiences.

Lizzie's dream of teaching school has finally come true. She loves the brand-new school building, the sound of the children singing, and the independence she has in the classroom. Even the occasionally unruly boys can't ruin the excitement she feels each morning when she starts the school day.

But at home things are in turmoil again. What do Dat's sudden health problems mean for the future of their farm? And what about Lizzie's future? Emma and Mandy are so certain that Joshua and John are their perfect matches, but Lizzie doesn't know what to think about Stephen and how he might fit into her life.

What will Lizzie decide? Will she continue to teach school? Or will she give up that dream so that her wish for marriage and a family can come true?

Stephen says he loves her, but Lizzie isn't sure he really understands her. Can she hope to find anyone within her Amish community who loves her bright mind, her ever-active imagination, her competitive spirit and her stormy humor?

You can read my review of the first book, Running Around, here.

From me: I enjoyed this book much more than the first. Lizzie seemed a lot more mature and a lot less whiny in the book, I really couldn't stomach her in the first LOL The only things that I still take issue with is how the author doesn't fill us in on things that she really should. For example: Lizzie's dream of teaching school? Hadn't heard of it until the second book. If it was such a huge dream of hers, you'd think it would have been mentioned before now. But, it is juvenile fiction so I'm assuming the younger audience may not notice as much :)

Thanks to FSB Associates for offering me a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.


Odie Langley said...

Anything that has to do with the Amish instantly catches my attention. We have been to Lancaster, PA so many times and can't wait to be back there again. Will look for the book. Thanks.