Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blind Sight

Blind Sight
by James H. Pence

From the book: No one plans for bad things to happen. No one plans on losing their family. No one knows how to move on after horror strikes. No one. Not even Thomas Kent. After receiving a strange phone call from a long-ago friend requesting Kent to pick up a package at the airport, Kent begins a spine-tingling, suspense-filled journey in which he hopes to reunite the package (his friend's children) with their mother, Justine, a traitor in the Fellowship for World Renewal Cult. Twists and turns in this page-turning drama make Blind Sight not only a journey of extreme actions and thrills, but one of discovering the sovereign plan of God.

From me:
There are certain subjects that you are almost guaranteed to grab my attention with and cults are one of them. Blind Sight was a fantastic novel that had me hooked from the first chapterI really enjoyed how this novel played out, I liked how there was a bit of mystery and the author did a great job of inserting emotion in his characters along with, what I thought, were great Biblical answers to some tough questions. The best part of the book was found at the end where the author shared a story of how God used his book to touch someone's life, in real life. It was really neat. Definitly a book that anyone will enjoy!

My Rating: 5, loved it! Worth adding to your bookshelf!

Thanks to Kathy Carlton Willis Communications for offering me a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Odie Langley said...

Now that one got my attention. Will look for it.