Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Little Perspective

I was listening to Intentional Living the other day and they played this comment, phoned in and pre-recorded. I was bawling by the time it was over.

In a country where we spend 450 billion dollars on things we aren't even close to needing, I though a little perspective would be good.

"Hi my name is Rusty and. I'm a homeless vet. for a long time. the Lord kept me going and everything. through my life. and now I'm getting old and I live in a pick up truck and I still listen to the radio and read my word and talk to God a lot. and uh, I'm worried about my future. On this earth. I'm not worried about my future where I'm going after I leave this earth but, I'm getting old and have nowhere to go. Just get in the truck and drive and camp and there. I just want to say. I'm feeling pretty blue. but, I know the Lord Jesus Christ will keep me going. I uh I'm 60 going on 61 and half blind, disabled. well, that's all i wanted to say. May the Lord God Jesus Christ bless you all and keep you all well and safe always. have a great day."

I still cry just reading it.

Keep an eye out for the "Rusty's" in your life. I know I will be.


Kristie said...

To think how little he has, yet he has everything he needs in Jesus-that's neat. But knowing he lives the way he does because he is unable to better his circumstances is sad....the whole situation really makes you think...

Odie Langley said...

The really bad part is that it seems most of America is so out of touch with people like him that we rarely even think about thir delima much less do anything about it. That is just wrong.