Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our Temporary Advent Calendar

So, here is our temporary Advent Calendar! I say temporary because I didn't have time to make this mini cupcake pan calendar. Next year it will be ready and waiting!

I used these Origami Cup folding instructions and 12x12 scrapbook paper cut into four pieces. It was super easy and didn't take long at all!

We have a family activity for each day (I listed them below for you) and we will also be reading the story of Jesus' birth out of the Bible each evening - the goal being to have them hide this story in their hearts. I also purchased the Tales of Glory Nativity Play Set (the best one out there, IMHO) and the boys will be allowed to play with the set each night as I read.

I am really excited! This is the first year that I have attempted to do an advent calendar so I hope it goes well!

The Mommy Rambles Advent activities:
-Decorate the Christmas Tree while listening to holiday music
-Friends are coming to visit and play!
-Make a candy garland for the tree (we are using peppermint candies and Gorilla Glue)
-Make paper snowflakes and hang them on the windows (White paper and scissors - simple!)
-Have a coffee party (with the boys' tea set., yes they have a tea set and yes, it's pink)
-Make Rice Krispie treats (recipe from the side of the box)
-Make a hand print wreath
-Go to the zoo's Christmas light display
-Make a paper bag puppet (Santa maybe? Noah's a little obsessed even though I've never mentioned him!)
-Take family pictures
-Play a game together
-Build a fort, have lunch in the fort!
-Make ornaments (I purchased some cheap craft ornament packs at our local Bible bookstore!)
-Go to the local bounce house! (and maybe eat lunch out)
-Build a snowman OR make a paper one if not enough snow
-Use tape to make roads on the floor for matchbox cars (We have hardwood floors)
-Visit Aunt Gina and wish her a happy birthday!
-Put a puzzle together
-Go to the library and choose Christmas books to borrow
-Make homemade gifts for grandparents (possibly using those family pics?)
-Go Sledding! (I haven't thought up an alternative yet, in case conditions aren't right)
-Bake Christmas cookies (SUPER yummy sugar cookie recipe, will post it later!)
-Watch a Christmas movie together (I'm thinking A Charlie Brown Christmas and possibly Hot Chocolate)


Odie Langley said...

WOW! You are going to be one busy gal with that schedule but it all seems so much fun. I love your calendar and will have to learn how you did the folding. You need to stop by my blog today. Have a wonderful day.

Kristie said...

Your boys will have SO much fun with their advent this year!!! I just saw an idea for advent that reminded me of you (and that I'd also like to try next year) here:

Jaime @ Our Journey said...

So impressive! I love it!!

Jaime @ Our Journey said...

Oh, and yes ... avoid the train cake mold! :o) I always love your comments!