Saturday, January 15, 2011


My internet is down. It's a bummer. But I'm pretty sure God did it on purpose so that I would spend more time with Him during the 21 day fast I'm participating in with my church. I cut out all entertainment, but I guess it wasn't enough for him Haha.

I'm only kinda laughing because apparently I'm a little more addicted than I thought.

The good news though:
-McDonald's is happy because I've been in there three times to take advantage of their free Wifi. (and the boys, they love the play place)
-I've been reading all those books I was saving for the apocalypse
-The boys have been listening to me read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to them, which Noah loves because it involves chocolate, of course.
-And I AM spending a lot more time with God, which is always a GREAT thing!

I'll be back soon with regular postings soon.

Haha who am I kidding. My posts have never been regular.

I do miss you guys though!


Odie Langley said...

We miss you too Alexia. I got the DVD in the mail today and will be looking at it tomorrow. I know Linda and I will both enjoy it very much. Thank you so much and hope you and the boys have a great rest of the weekend.

lace said...

Oh no! what will you do for books when the apocalypse comes?

I've been wanting to start reading Charlotte's Web with #1 but we've been reading shorter chapter books (Ivy and Bean, The Littles, Junie B Jones and a few others I can't seem to remember)

jenn said...

You sound like me. My posts are never regular either. Although I am trying to do better.

I've been thinking recently that I need to unplug a bit more (although not the blogging thing since I haven't been too good at that anyway lately). Maybe I just need to limit my email and facebook time. It's not that I am on facebook constantly, it's that I'm constantly getting on there looking for updates. Sometimes I think it's a loneliness thing. If someone comments on something I said on FB, then I feel like someone is out there. Silly I know... I'm not going to delete my FB account, but I am seriously thinking of limiting how many times a day I check it. I should do the same for email, but it is how my out-of-state sister and I communicate. If I don't respond to her emails, she starts texting me asking where I am. haha. I think she's just bored at work.