Sunday, January 16, 2011

Link Love for 1/15

If your resolutions are already mocking you - Thank you Gypsy Mama!

How To Take Better Pictures Instantly - Helpful and understandable!

10 Reasons to Go Grain-free - Yeah, I'm almost convinced. The only thing holding me back is my budget...

How to Find Real Food at the Supermarket - A helpful flow chart for your next grocery trip

Seriously now, a really great resource for finding what foods are in season!

A Tale of Seduction - Oh My Gosh. Rolling on the floor laughing over this one!

I ran across a couple great resources to get kids moving in creative ways. This activity calendar (more for younger kids) lists one activity to do every single day, just click on the month to get started. And this link will take you to Ways to Play for January, which lists 10 different activities and your goal is to accomplish them all before the month is up! Resources like this really help me out when the boys are stuck inside and I have run out of genius ideas!


Odie Langley said...

OMG girl this one was priceless. The seduction one had me laughing and feeling so sorry for them at the same time.
On the grain thing, Jan 20th will be one year since I stopped eating flour. That means no biscuits, cookies, cake, etc. I do on occasion eat a little 100% whole wheat bread but not too much. I have always had an easier time staying away from things that I should more so than my wife. I will admit that during the holiday season I have indulged way to much on candy and food in general and I need to go on a mostly salad diet for a while. Wish me luck.