Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Promises She Keeps

The Promises She Keeps

by Erin Healy

From the book: It's her destiny to die young. The man who loves her can't live with that.

Promise, a talented young vocalist with a terminal illness, is counting on fame to keep her memory alive after she dies. Porta is an aging witch and art collector in search of the goddess who will grant her immortality.

When Promise inexplicably survives a series of freak accidents, Porta believes that Promise is the one she seeks. But Chase, an autistic artist who falls in love with Promise and opposes Porta, comes between the women with his mysterious visions and drawings, and plunges everyone into a flesh-and-blood confrontation over the true meaning of eternal life. - taken from the book

From me: Erin Healy received my undying devotion with her first novel, Never Let You Go, so when I was asked to review The Promises She Keeps I was thrilled!

I think Erin is a fantastic writer! She ventures out into the spiritual and psychological while still managing to keep both feet planted firmly on the ground AND you get a little romance to boot! Much as I love Ted Dekker, Erin has replaced him as my favorite "crazy" author, because when you finally reach the end of her novels, you understand what went down.

I enjoyed meeting Chelsea and Chase, Promise and Porta and Zach and Wes. To watch how their lives became entwined with each other as each tried to find the meaning in their lives. The reason to live. It was a great novel that has earned a permanent place on my bookshelf!

The great news for you, I have a copy of The Promises She Keeps to giveaway to you!

Congratulations to Kristie, you won!!

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review...thanks!


Angela said...

This book looks amazing, and I would personally love to read it because I am intrigued how Chase is portrayed being autistic. I always like to see what the views are out there on autism ever since Jacob's diagnosis a few years ago. (Hint: This could also be a late birthday present if you pick me! j/k)

Odie Langley said...

Kind of makes me think of the movie "A Walk To Remember" where dying young and love was the themer. Should be an awesome book.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a good book..althought I have never heard of the author I love a good story that will make me cry!!

grams said...

I love Erin Healy and have been wanting to read this book. Enter me and it can make the rounds at church. LOL

Kristie said...

As you know I've been looking for a good book to help me get into reading more and this one sounds very intriguing! Thank you for the chance to win! :-)