Sunday, March 20, 2011

Linky Love for 3/20

Why a failing Lent actually succeeds - Ann is so wise. She is constantly challenging me.

And in the key of Ann, We Don't Have To Do This Alone, a very cool version of One Thousand Gifts!

Only a page - Something we all would do well to remember, no matter where we are or who we run across.

Small Acts, Big Impact - "Life has a way of swinging on the hinges of very small things."

Everyday is an adventure - Don't I know it! (for moms of boys)

All-Natural Easter Egg Dying - I thought this was a neat idea for combining learning with fun!

Blow Fish Toy - Fun!

In light of the Japan disaster, Red Cross has a list of all the things you should have on hand. It's good to be prepared! And to go along with that link, How (not) to Respond to a Natural Disaster.


Odie Langley said...

You have been a busy girl and found so many great ones. Our minds need to be challenged & I will take time to dig into these links. Thanks.

Kristie said...

I have read the first link, but would like to read the rest of them soon...seems like my time online is way too short (and I've been going over! Doesn't help when the kids play with the timer or you need to the timer for time-outs and baking-LOL!)