Thursday, March 31, 2011


It seems like I go through phases with this blog. I can manage everyday posts for awhile and then I just fall away. Such is the problem with being an introvert and not having much to say, I guess.

The good news is that I have lots of books I'm trying to speed through so I can share them with you! I've also tried out a couple of new recipes and they were amazing! So be on the the lookout for those.

My pop addiction is back, but not for long. I just saw a picture of my midwife on Facebook (I miss her, I should get pregnant again so I can see her all the, scratch that...) and she has lost a lot of weight since the last time we saw each other (when she delivered Jack) and she looks so great! So it really made me want to look just as great Hehe. I want to find some kind of workout...that I LIKE. Maybe I'll start walking the boys to the park in town a couple times a week. That's a good hour walking (both ways).

But still, I should find something to do on rainy days. I liked Jillian's Shred, but it was really hard on my knees so I'd rather not go back to her. Suggestions?

ALSO Kids Bowl Free is now taking registrations for this summer! You can register any children, 15 and under, for 2 free bowling games per day all.summer.long! They are also offering a deal to sign up 4 adults for the same things for $25. Shoe rentals still apply. It's a really awesome deal! Check out this link to find your state and what lanes are participating near you!


Odie Langley said...

Sometimes it is hard to stay with anything beneficial. I have been off soft drinks and wheat products like pies, cakes, bread for over a year now but my primary problem is portion control. I made it down to 180 and thought I would see the 170's but my birthday happened and too much going out and indulging made me gain 4 so I'll try again. As long as I am trying I feel OK about it. With the weather change walking should be a great option. Good luck with yours.

Kristie said...

I go through the same phases in blogging...not sure what it is :-/

I'm concerned about my pop addiction coming back after lent. I just like the stuff!! I hope I can keep it so it's just an occasional treat :-)

Going on nice long walks sounds nice! I'm trying to wait patiently for nice weather (and dry, mud-free roads!) to get outside again. :-)

Maybe you'd like Zumba? I don't think that was hard on my knees and it's kinda fun :-)

No bowling places by us. Sounds neat though!

lace said...

My pop addiction has come back since I've been buying it without hfcs. I've been trying other brands that make pop with cane sugar like Boylans, Virgils, and some others. But currently I only drink it about once every other day (maybe one a day)

I plan to start hooping to get some exercise. I actually had grand plans to start this winter but never got around to getting my hoop finished.

I should sign up the girls for bowling.