Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Small Space, Big Style

There are few shows that I enjoy watching. Few. But, now that I am working every evening, I miss out on even those. Enter Hulu. If you're like me, with no cable, Hulu is perfect! I can watch all of my favorite shows for free, most the day after they air...and, with a small monthly fee, I could watch past episodes of shows until my eyes bleed (On devices other than your computer!). And we're not just talking about the most recent shows to make their way to the screen. I found Mr. Ed the other day!

So, I've been cruising around Hulu to see what they had for free and I ran across the show Small Space, Big Style (HGTV link). I've only seen one episode, but I was floored!

From a closet nursery, to bamboo place mat cupboards to cardboard carpets; it's like walking through IKEA's showroom, but with no sore feet! And decorating styles to fit every personality. It's genius. Absolute genius.

Coming from a 3-person family, living in a one bedroom garage apartment. I LOVE Small Space, Big Style (Hulu link). It really gets my thinker going.

Go watch! You won't be sorry!


Jaime @ Our Journey said...

Aww dang! I tried accessing HULU but can't because we are "international" ... I was so excited! We don't have cable either, we have about 5 channels via the Armed Forces Network ... and no commercials which is weird when we go back to the states and I watch TV and see so many new products we didn't even know existed! :o)

I really miss HGTV, Food Network and TLC!

Aer Conditionat said...

Hulu is absolutely great. I usually don’t have time to watch TV, but I love watching my favorite shows on Hulu on weekend mornings. It’s great.

Kristie said...

I love HGTV! I was hoping to catch some HGTV when I went and spent a night with Rich in Frankenmuth over his conference, but they didn't have it :-(

So I subscribed to you because my dashboard is being finicky and only showing the 20ish most recent posts, so I've been missing yours :-(

Odie Langley said...

I just saved Hulu to my favorites and will check it out later. Have a happy thursday.