Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Ahead!

Tonight we wave good-bye to one precious hour of sleep.

I'm already missing it.

To make the transition easier on your kiddos (and yourself) here are some simple steps you can follow for the next couple of days:

-Early to bed early to rise. Try to tuck everyone into bed one hour earlier than the normal bedtime in your household. They may not sleep, but lying still will help a bit.

-For those that can't sleep in tomorrow morning: Lay out complete outfits tonight. We're talking down to shoes and socks and jewelry. The less choices you have to make in the morning, the quicker you'll leave, even if you're dragging.

-Plan quick breakfasts. If you're Suzie Homemaker, a nice pan of homemade granola bars is perfect. If you're not, maybe this needs to be the morning where you give in and allow the pop-tarts or toaster waffles. The easier you make the breakfast, the faster you'll get out the door. (or the less brain cells you have to use, if you're staying home).

-Finally don't be afraid to take a nap. Settle the kiddos down with a pillow and a movie after lunch and you do the same.

We already miss enough sleep, let's not lose more!


Kristie said...

Great ideas! We've been sleeping quite a bit here between the lack of caffeine and the head colds, so we may come through these colds already adjusted! :-)