Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I was sitting on the bench in our church foyer the other day, paging through an Avon magazine, with the boys looking over my shoulder. At first, they were a little bored - makeup. Boys don't like makeup. But then we hit the jewelry and Noah got a little excited over a Nascar watch.

The problems arose when I tried to quickly flip by the centerfold of bras.

"Mama, those girls are naked!" Noah exclaimed.

"Well, uh, not technically. See? They are wearing a bra."

"They're naked!" Noah insisted, and he proceeded to point out all the areas that were bare, to prove his point.

"They are beautiful!"

"Ummm what?!"

"Those girls are beautiful!"

Jack nods his head in agreement, "beaufniful, Mama".

Knowing that Noah is a ladies man I ask the question that always leads to a compliment for me: "What about me? Am I beautiful?"

Noah shakes his head back and forth, "You're just great."

"Well, why can't I be beautiful??"

"Because you're not naked."



Kristie said...

LOL! Makes you wonder where they come up with things like that when they're so little still. :-)

Beautiful must be a tough word to say. Morgan always switches the 't' and 'f' and says beaufital-despite my many attempts at correcting her-lol!

Odie Langley said...

That is soooooooooooooo funny, cute and it's a guy thing even though as we get older we can also see beauty with clothes too.

goddessblue said...

LOL That's hilarious. Definitely Reader's Digest material!!