Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beside Still Waters

Beside Still Waters
by Tricia Goyer

I'm part of the Litfuse blog tour for Beside Still Waters!

From the book: Marianna Sommer believes she knows where her life is headed. Nineteen years old and Amish, her plan is to get baptizes into the church, marry Aaron Zook, and live in the only community she's ever known.

When Marianna's family moves from Indiana to Montana she discovers life and faith will never be the same. As she builds an easy friendship with local guy, Ben Stone, Ben not only draws her heart, he also gets her thinking about what loving God and living in community is all about.

As Marianna struggles to find "home", she also encounters God in intimate ways.

You can watch the book trailer for Beside Still Waters here.

From me: With so many Amish novels on the shelves now, they can all start to sound the same. Amish girl, falls in love with a boy (or doesn't) and puts herself at risk of the Bann for one reason or another. Or someone in her family does. Or the boys she loves does. Maybe she gets pregnant. Either way...they all are pretty typical.....or not. Tricia Goyer impressed me with the new look at an old storyline. I love reading about the Amish, because their peace and steady faith are an inspiration to me. But it was nice to step, just a little, outside of the traditional Amish box and see the whole family experience challenges that may just change the entire way they look at the world. Tricia wrote a great story about God, reaching out to this family...and especially to Marianna.

If you head over to Tricia Goyer's blog, you can enter yourself to win one of ten copies of Beside Still Waters and a pair of cute, antique Amish salt and pepper shakers!
Thanks to Litfuse for offering me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review!


Odie Langley said...

I love and miss the Amish so much so hearing about them makes me happy. After reading blogs I never seem to find time to actually read books too. Still like hearing about them.
The CD came the other day and I have been listening to it on my commutes and she is absolutely awesome. I have been enjoying it so much. Thank you.

Kristie said...

I think the Amish are so neat! There is a community not too far away (about 20 minutes) and I love seeing the little boys in their little outfits playing in the yard or walking down the road to church or school...they're too cute! :-)

(I went and entered the giveaway too!)