Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Noah!

Today is the day that Noah turns five! Wow.

Although if you ask him he will deny it. But only because we have been discussing the toilet all year long and he's told, every time I bring it up, "I will pee on the potty when I am five" some days it was fiveteen - which could make a mom a little nervous - But most days I could get him to commit to year five.

On Sunday we celebrated Noah's birthday with family. When I wished him happy birthday that morning and asked him if he wanted to pee on the potty he informed me that it was his "birthday party not his birthday". So no. He wouldn't be peeing on the potty.

Yesterday when I told Noah that today was his birthday he flat out refused to accept it as fact.

Today, he's more than willing to head out to a movie and dinner at his favorite restaurant (well, second favorite, nothing can beat McDonald's), but he's still avoiding any conversations about underwear, toilets or peeing in them.

I have no hope people.

No hope.

We have tried every method that exists for potty-training and nothing has worked or is working.

I'm going to be changing diapers until he's fiveteen. Do they make them that big?


Kristie said...

Happy Birthday to Noah! I can imagine how frustrated you must be. He's a stubborn little one, isn't he!? ;-) I'm sure that he'll change his mind about using the potty sometime...hopefully sooner than later for your sake! :-)

OctoberRain said...

Happy Birthday Noah!!!!

grams said...

Happy Birthday Noah! He is so funny.

Odie Langley said...

Happy Birthday Noah from Odie all the way down in NC.

lace said...

Happy Birthday Noah!

Angela said...

He will use the potty when he feels comfortable and ready to do it. It can be a scary thing! Maybe he feels pressured, and if you let it go for awhile he will decide on his own he is ready! Not saying you pressure him though! And yes, they make adult diapers!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

A big Happy Birthday to Noah!!!

I'm sure you've tried this already, but target practice with Cheerios might be fun.... ;-)