Sunday, April 3, 2011

Linky Love for 4/3

My new favorite search engine is Food Blog Search! It's an easy way to find tried and true, YUMMY recipes that use unique items and great spices. No clicking through a million recipes that differ by one ingredient to find exactly what you're craving! I LOVE it!

A Trick To Clean Really Dirty Cookie Sheets
- I need some really dirty cookie sheets to try this on!

I Might Need a Lawyer.... - another hilarious post by one of my favorite blogs, Barefoot Foodie!

I've Got You - Why I sponsor Compassion children and why you should too!

What Happy Homemakers Know - I need to learn to say YES more.

How To: Make Marshmallow Peep Sushi
- I've never tried raw fish and I'm not sure I even want to, but this I could get into!


Odie Langley said...

You did so good today girl. I have added the food blog search to my favorites. I have some pans I need to try the amonia on.
The one about the lawyer and the raccoons was so funny and sad at the same time thinking about the cleanup. The story about the tiny shack made me weepy and made me think about my "Jackson" in Africa living with his grandmother praising God while not even knowing about all we take for granted. Compassion International is such a great organization.
Wish I had some peep sushie right now. Have a great rest of the weekend.

Kristie said...

I'll have to try the Food Blog Search more often...I tend to use allrecipes :-)

That ammonia trick is awesome! Definitely need to try that...if it ever warms up!! LOL!

"I might need a lawyer" HILARIOUS!

I hear about Compassion quite a bit and it definitely has me thinking about sponsoring a child...need to discuss it with Rich :-)

LOVE the Happy Homemakers post.

I think I could handle Marshmallow Peep Sushi too!! :-)