Thursday, May 12, 2011


The Helpful Ice Cream Cone Delivery Dog
by Audrey Kinsella

From the book: In an era of independent, fast-paced lives, it is often difficult for children to understand the importance of helping others, like the elderly and disabled. Kinsella's book aims to change that, bringing young readers the story of Dingle, a friendly black labrador, and his wheelchair-bound, independent-minded owner, Aunt Reeny. As Aunt Reeny struggles with acknowledging her inabilities, Dingle seeks to help her with her daily tasks, ultimately illustrating the importance of help.

Inspired by her personal battle with rapidly progressive multiple sclerosis, Kinsella admits that as in independent individual who was once the person offering help, accepting assistance was quite a difficult and humbling experience.

From me: There are very few books that I just don't like. This was one of them. There was too much going on and not enough at the same time. First off you've got the same thing written twice on each page. There's a box at the bottom of each page with the story and each character has a word bubble with the story written again. I was never quite sure where I should be reading.

The story was also greatly lacking in narration and punctuation. There are no quotation marks to define when someone is saying something. The book starts out with just the people talking (no narration) and morphs into the dog being able to "talk" and make things with both narration and talking, but with nothing clearly labeled.

Basically it was confusing. I won't be reading it to the boys again because it drove ME nuts. I think they'll like looking at the pictures though.

Thanks to Bolsen PR for offering me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion!


Kristie said...

That's a bummer that the book wasn't written better! The whole idea behind the message sounds like it should be a good one!

Odie Langley said...

I guess there has to be a dud every once in a while. Hopefully that will be the last one for some time. Take care & say Hey to the boys for me.

audreyk3 said...

I'm posting this as the author of this children's book, Dingle, The Helpful Ice Cream Cone Delivery Dog.
Wow, I've not gotten such a God-awful review before, though I've received numerous 5-star reviews posted on The "mommy" of the "mommyrambles" blog rambled on as if this 18-page children's book, usually with less than 10 words per page, was a doctoral thesis that demanded intelligence way beyond what could be expected of her young children and esp. of her. What gives? I had to wonder!
Seeing that she's been influential to other mommies and looks like daddies, too, who have not read the book at all, is disturbing to me, a children's librarian and a long-time adult researcher and writer for people living with disabilities.
Audrey Kinsella