Sunday, May 15, 2011

Linky Love for 5/15

How To Be A More Patient Mom in Just 24 Hours - I needed to hear this. I bet you do too!

Angelina Jolie's Tattoo - Check it out, it's so unique and genius! I've been thinking about getting a "mother's tattoo", but have been nervous about designing one for two kids and then ending up with ten and having a crazy mess stuck on me forever. I love this one! Of course, it only works if you didn't birth your own children....

Plant Your Gadget Charging Station - Such a great idea!

Look What's Going in the Mail - Yes, I'm a little late to the game on this one, but it was so neat that I had to share! Maybe you can make note for next year!


Odie Langley said...

I could just see Becky's face at the post office if I walked in with eggs to mail. Interesting and a cute idea. I don't know about the tattoo idea girl. Better give that some more thought.

Kristie said...

Neat links! Especially love the one about being a more patient mom...all things we know, but need to be reminded of and then actually put into action!

If I ever got a tatoo it'd be something representing my kids...if you figure out a cool one, let me know! ;-)

The gadget station is neat...would need gadgets first! LOL! Don't know if I could convince Rich to put his in something so 'pretty'-LOL!

The mailing eggs idea is awesome! I would never have thought of that...always think if you're mailing something it has to be in an envelope or a box!