Tuesday, May 31, 2011

True Colors Swap

Odie shared this fantastic swap find on his blog and I couldn't not participate! I'm up for making some new bloggy friends, plus, it just sounds FUN!

Jessica over at Duck Duck Cow came up with a fantastic swap idea, here, I'll let her tell you (because I'm lazy like that hehe): "The theme is True Colors. Each participant will send me a little information about themselves, the most important of which will be their favorite color. Your partner will put a package together containing items in this color. Now, you don't have to have the every item completely monochromatic. For instance, if my partner loves lavender, I could obviously send lavender-scented items but also a color of nail polish, a pair of silver-tone earrings with lavender beads, and maybe some chocolate that has a lavender-colored label. Look at your partner's blog for ideas. Do they have a dog? Send a pet toy with that color. Does your partner love classic literature? Find her a book that has cover art containing that shade. See? Easy enough."

Does that not sound like a ton of fun?! I've never been involved in a blog swap before, so this is going to be exciting for me! Now, there are some rules to being involved (because it would be a bummer if you got paired up with someone and then dropped out - boo!) so make sure you read through the rules and will be able to participate, but if you can - you need to be signed up by June 3rd!

Also, it would help if I put in the link to the post eh? Here it is :)


Kristie said...

Sounds like fun! I hope you post what you end up receiving-it'll be neat to see how creative people are with this kind of swap! :-)

Odie Langley said...

Great Ali, I'm so glad you are in this with me. Should be a lot of fun. Hope you and the boys are having a great week so far. Spent the day with Linda at the hospital and she had the surgery a little after 1 PM and I hear it was a very successful procedure. Time will tell how difficult it will be to walk on it for the first time.

Jessica G. said...

Thanks for the plug! Hope this is a good experience for ya, since it's the first one you've done. Email me any questions you have, okay?