Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Mystery

Our laundry rules:

1. If you go to wash clothes and find that the washer is already full, move the clothes to the dryer and turn it on.

2. If you go to put clothes in the dryer and find that it is full, pull the clothes out and take them to the person that they belong too.

Over this past week I have washed three loads of laundry. I put the loads in the wash, and then transfer them to the dryer. When I come back to get my clothes, they are gone.

They are not in anyone's room.

They are not in my house.

They are not even on the floor.

I don't understand where my laundry is.

And I'm running out of clothes.


Kristie said...

Oh no! I hope they turn up soon. It's hard to imagine that they went very far?!

Odie Langley said...

That is the weirdest thing I have heard in a long time Ali. Keep us posted about what is actually going on.