Sunday, July 3, 2011

Linky Love for 7/3

100 Ways for Your Family to Make a Difference & Preparing Your Kids for Global Missions - Kristen shared fabulous ideas in both of these posts for teaching your kids to reach out as Jesus did.

"Jesus Stopped": On Interruptibility - "You see this a lot in Jesus' life and ministry. People frequently call from the margins and Jesus allows himself to be interrupted, to allow the "least of these" to interrupt what he is doing. And by doing so Jesus makes room for others."

What is God's Will for Your Life? - "A lot of people imagine that God's will is like a tightrope: you have to find just the right path to walk in life or else you're "out of His will." But this is flawed thinking."

Top Ten Misused English Words - Interesting!

Third World Symphony by Shaun Groves.
Shaun is one of my favorite artists. I follow his blog and you can see his heart in his music. He challenges me. Click the link above to listen to his songs; Shaun also shares where you can pre-order his album on that link. I'm planning on getting it!


Odie Langley said...

Ali you really challenged us with these links today. We all need to slow down and be tuned in to others and see opportunities to be used by God. Our priorities need to include being a servant and a good steward where our young ones are concerned. Thank you.