Friday, October 14, 2011


Jeremy Riddle

"Furious" Jeremy Riddle's 3rd full length album from Vineyard Music, is the newest collection of songs penned by this gifted songwriter and worship leader. Furious communicates the story of God's love and kingdom with strong worship anthems like the title cut, "Furious" and "One Thing Remains" to introspective musical devotions such as "God of the Redeemed" and "The Lord is My Shepherd." Jeremy's newest songs are exceptional for congregational worship and personal worship moments.

There's something really amazing about worship music. No matter how horrible a mood the boys or I are in, I can pop in a worship CD and the air in the house changes. It refocuses our spirits.

I received Jeremy's CD in the mail a couple weeks ago and was thrilled to have some new worship music to put on rotation. I've never listened to any of Jeremy Riddle's music before, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear one of my favorite songs on his CD: One Thing Remains. I have to say, I love Jeremy's music. Furious is all about the depth of God's love for us and it's exactly what I need on repeat right now.


Thanks to Propeller for offering me a copy of this CD in exchange for my honest review!


Katrina said...

01 - Fall Fresh - I love this one based on the short parts for each song. I have a feeling I will like some of the others just as much - but really like that one the best for just being able to hear a short part of the song. Katrina Wilson (

nellie2980 said...

Glory to the Lamb, I liked it the minute I heard it. You know how a song just catches you when you first hear it? Thats what this one did to me, although I like the whole cd, that one sticks out the most.
Danella (

Katrina said...

I didn't check it out, but now I wonder how much this cd is? Since starting school I don't spend much time shopping, and I sure don't get any time to go to a Bible book store. I have not shopped on line for music before. Is there a good site to search for Christian music and purchase it on line? I liked all the songs - and I really liked that first one. Katrina