Thursday, October 27, 2011

Three Cups

Three Cups
A Lesson in Life and Money for Children

Teaching children how to handle money responsibly is more important than ever. Three Cups offers a simple method and an easy-to-read story with beautiful illustrations that will guide kids in the key principles of good money management. With each cup, they will learn about saving, spending, and charitable giving - and that it's never too early to start learning these timeless and proven principles.

This book:
-Provides a solid foundation for the proper handling of money throughout life. -Teaches children how to make good choices between spending, saving, and giving. -Includes a "Getting Started" guide for parents to easily implement the Three Cups system in the home.

I really liked Three Cups. The story was not super entertaining, but it presented the three cups method very well. I think any 5-year-old (which is the age they suggest you start this) would understand. I'm really considering starting this with the boys so they can learn money management! You should definitely check this out if you'd like to teach your kids how to manage money properly!

(I received this book in exchange for a review)


Kristie said...

I tried starting something like this with my kids, but I didn't keep going. Maybe reading this book would give me the motivation to start up again!