Friday, November 4, 2011

Revolution Worship

Revolution Worship

“Revolution Worship…Live At Joy Church International”, is a tremendous Praise & Worship album with a powerfully inspiring collection of songs that is unparalleled to any other Praise & Worship series in it’s category. Filled with meaningful lyrics and sincere, personal worship, “Revolution Worship…Live At Joy Church International” masterfully demonstrates authenticity at it’s best. From fiery, electrifying tracks with edgy, rock-driven guitar to peaceful, intimate tracks, this album focuses on pointing attention to God. And because it’s recorded live, you get to experience the congregational feel of being in a vibrant church service. Infusing musical quality with a spiritual impact that raises the bar on what to expect in new Praise & Worship music, "Revolution Worship…Live At Joy Church International" brings you a brand new worship experience. From start to finish, this release is about the act of ministering uncompromisingly God-centered music through pure, heart-felt praise!

Revolution Worship reminds me of the music my mom used to always have playing when we were kids. I always loved the peaceful atmosphere when there was worship music playing and I still do! Revolution Music has faster songs with a good beat and slower songs as well. It's like having a worship service, in your home! I love it!


(I received a copy of this CD in exchange for my review)


Angela said...

This sounds really great! I need a lot more worship music around my house. It's so uplifting!!

Katrina said...

I loved the song "None LIke You For me. Would love to learn how to sign several of these songs. ~Katrina W.

Odie Langley said...

Truly an awesome worship experience. Your pastor continues to bless me with his messages and I in turn let other get blessed by passing them around. I love the way his ministry is affecting so many people even here in NC. Please mention to him how much I am blessed by his preaching and you have a blessed weekend.