Monday, January 30, 2012

I Love Your Presence

Life had been a little crazy lately and I've felt like I'm in a bit of a whirlwind. Worship music never ceases to calm my spirit and bring peace to my troubled mind (or household). Vineyard's
new worship CD: I Love Your Presence was just what I needed Sunday morning. The live worship helped me to feel like I was worshiping with fellow believers, but the privacy of my home gave me time to calm my spirit and just be still. Sometimes, I need that quiet time more than I need fellowship and a sermon. I love to have a collection of worship music for times like these and I am pleased to be able to add Vineyard's newest worship music to that collection.

I Love Your Presence contains some of my favorite songs like Sweet Mercies and One Thing Remains.

You can visit Vineyard and check out all of their worship CD's on the web, on Facebook or on Twitter.

*****GIVEAWAY*****I am happy to say that I have a copy of I Love Your Presence to give away today!
(Please be aware that the winner will receive an internet link, where they can go to download this music directly onto their computer/Ipod etc.)

Congratulations Katrina - you won!!!

I received a free copy of this music in exchange for my honest review!


Katrina said...

To calm my spirit - I get alone...and draw or paint. Even - when I am in a crowd I will start to draw if I am troubled. Sometimes I stop and say..."well, Lord, what do you think of this one?" Often I am surprised when I just let go and let my hand drift. I go back and look at what is drawn or painted and find special surprises. Sometimes I just get in my car and drive - in silence.... or sometimes with worship music playing. Katrina (you have my info I think)

Katrina said... I shared the link on fb. Guess this is my 2nd entry? - Katrina

Danella said...

Reallly would love to win this....I rarely win much of anything

Katrina said...

Hey...just wondered what the good word is on this one? *grin*