Saturday, February 18, 2012

Up and Away

We're visiting Jered's parents this weekend, they live almost two hours away from us. The boys have fondly dubbed them "big papa" and "big mama" - Pretty sure that came from some rap song of Jered's haha!

The boys have been having a blast here. Big papa took them for a ride on the tractor and mama let them make homemade play dough!

Noah and Jack had used cookie cutters to make some shapes in their play dough and they carefully set them in a ziploc bag to take home. Later, great-grandma came over and accidentally squished their shapes, Noah cried out "my precious shapes!" and we all had a good laugh! I don't know where that kid comes up with some of his words!

Unfortunately he's picking up a lot of...interesting...behaviors from Jered. You can tell that he's been missing that male influence in his life and is soaking it up like a sponge now. We had to have a talk the other day about adult words and kid words when he asked Jack if his name was "jackass"! Oh my...don't say that word at church honey!

Jack and Noah both love Jered to pieces, but Jack is still a little wary. We've been taking it slow. They still stay with my mom (Grammy) when I go to work, but get tucked in at our house for bedtime.

I'll tell ya what though, its nice to have another adult around to share the adult stuff with!

How's life been going for you?


Odie Langley said...

Glad to know the boys are adjusting well even though it is hard when relatives live hours away.
As they say down here, I am in the short rows now. My last day as a working employee will be March 8th and then the next day Linda and I will go back there for a steak lunch as a going away party. We will miss all of them but it is time for my life to take a different path and I am so ready. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday and week ahead.

Kristie said...

So good to hear things are going well and the boys are adjusting :-)

Isn't it funny hearing little ones say 'big' words or phrases!?! They pick up on things so quickly!