Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Search Committee

When I first started reading The Search Committee, I was a little bored and distracted. There were a lot of characters to learn and they seemed to be less than interesting. However, the further I got into the book and the more I got to know the search committee and their families, they grew on me. Their issues spoke to me, their hurts touched me, and in the end: they were all real people, just like me. The Search Committee was a nice steady read. Nothing exciting or amazing happens, just real life. There are some funny spots and some sad spots and couple points where "some" people made me a little mad LOL But it was a good solid book and worth a read!

"When a small-town southern church throws a hodgepodge of wildly different personalities together in a van and sends them out to look for a new pastor, the dust gets kicked up in more ways then one. There's Travis, a young husband who ambiguity about becoming a father is threatening his marriage. Dot, a middle-aged busybody who's strong opinions set everyone's teeth on edge. Susie, an attractive single mom coping with a troubled teenage son. Bill, an older man who centers his entire life on caring for his fragile wife, Joyce, a transplanted Yankee who feels like an outsider. And Frankie, who just tries to keep the peace.

Jostling along bumpy back roads, they squabble about practically everything, from which pastoral candidates show promise to where to stop for lunch. But gradually the facades fall away, revealing seven lonely souls drawn together in a search for healing and grace."

Thanks to Tyndale for offering me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review!


JDaniel4's Mom said...

This sounds like a great spring read!