Friday, March 30, 2012

Song of my Heart

Song of my Heart

Kim Vogel Sawyer

I haven't read very many of Kim's books, but I have to say that this is my favorite so far! Song of my Heart was such a busy book! And the description doesn't do this novel justice at all!

LOVE Thade, if I wasn't already hitched, I'd probably have my sights set on him haha!

Sadie had so much craziness going on; I kinda got a little lost right along with her, with all of the changes in her life and the moral and romantic decisions that were placed in front of was real life in fiction form. I was hooked for sure!

I was also reminded through Song of my Heart that no matter what is pounding down around you, no matter what your fears are, you trust God and make decisions based on HIS will. A message I really needed to hear right now. Funny how that happens huh? :)

"With no one providing for her family, Sadie Wagner so she moves to Goldtree, Kansas, to use her God-given singing talent—though the promised opera house is far different from what she imagined.

Thad McKane comes to Goldtree to investigate reports of a bootlegging operation, and he is immediately drawn to the lovely young singer. But when Sadie appears to be part of the very crimes he’s come to investigate, is there any hope the love blossoming between them will survive?

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review!


Odie Langley said...

Another great report and book to look for. You've had some really good ones lately.
Got the movie in the mail today and plan to watch it with Linda tonight. Thank you so much.