Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Finally the Bride

I don't normally share new book releases without actually reviewing the book myself, but Cheryl McKay personally wrote, asking me to review her book and I was so back-logged I couldn't take it on. BUT she wrote me herself! And I read/reviewed her previous book (that she co-authored with Rene Gutteridge), Never the Bride awhile ago and loved it! So I felt it only right to at least share this one with you: Check it out! Or give it as a gift, especially if you know someone who is single right now and chomping at the bit to get married. I know this is a book I could have used a couple years ago!

Finally the Bride
Finding Hope While Waiting

Finally the Bride is available at Amazon in print and e-book!

"Why Would God Care About My Love Life?

From the woman behind the screenplay and novel, Never the Bride, comes a
roller coaster of a love story with God. Cheryl McKay pulls no punches about what it’s really like to be single, with your age creeping up, and no end in sight to the wait for love and marriage.

It seems that many years ago, God asked Cheryl to surrender the pen she
was using to write her love story. All He wanted was carte blanche. No problem, right? Cheryl tentatively conceded—that is, until it became apparent that the Almighty had no intention of conforming to her writing schedule, much less the tick of her biological clock. In fact, He blew every deadline she ever attempted to set. As romance seemed to pass Cheryl by, she couldn’t help but question: Could God really be trusted to bring her the love of her life?

Written during a long wait, this book opens up Cheryl’s painfully honest,
personal journals. She explores what it’s like to enlist in God’s Marriage Boot Camp, and how to survive singlehood year after solitary year. She wrestles with her Creator over multiple best friends that never see her “that way.” Then there are those lists of what she wanted—you know, the ones she revised a billion times then laminated for safekeeping. She watches, bewildered, as much younger women find love that seems to elude her.

Through it all, she falls head over heels for a God who proves Himself to
be as resistant to her controls as He is faithful beyond her wildest dreams.

Are you still waiting? Have you lost hope? Venture to victory with a woman who knows just how hard it is to wait for the day when you are Finally the Bride.

This book includes a collection of real-life God-written love stories by
such authors as SQuire Rushnell & Louise DuArt (God Winks Series, Couples Who Pray), and Victorya Michaels Rogers (Finding a Man Worth Keeping)."

Cheryl McKay is the screenwriter of the award winning film, The Ultimate
Gift, and co-author of the ACFW/Carol Award winning novel, Never the
Bride. Cheryl keeps her purple pen busy through Purple PenWorks.