Friday, June 29, 2012


by Brian Hardin

I don't read non-fiction...and especially self-help or Christian Living books...very well. I get bored LOL So I can't say that I've read Passages all the way through yet, because I bounce around and take my time. Pulling out what speaks to me and skipping things that feel to slow. But I can tell you that I've read through a good portion of this book and it has motivated me to take time to really READ the Bible and connect with it and God on a daily basis.

I think that what makes me like this book more than others that challenge you to spend time in the Bible and prayer is that it comes from someone (Brian) who's not perfect and isn't afraid to tell you the journey he went through to finally start reading the Bible and truly committing his time to God. Too often we get "lectured" about our commitment and where we spend our time; and honestly, it makes me feel like a sinner cowering under some Pharisee's holier-than-thou attitude. Please address real life here. I want to hear what your challenges were and how you overcame them. Not what I'm doing wrong. Brian Hardin does this in Passages and I loved it.

Not only does Brian talk about his journey to reading through the Bible and developing a relationship with God, but he lays out the benefits and challenges for you. The one thing that REALLY caught my attention and, what I consider to be one of the MOST helpful items in this book is the explanation of Divine Reading. How many times have you heard: "Study & Meditate on the Word" UGH Everyone says it, no one explains it. And quite honestly, it sounds booooring. Well, Brian breaks down "Divine Reading" into four steps and explains each step so you understand what you're supposed to be doing. Hands down, the best explanation I have ever heard and simple...surprisingly.

The other part of the book that I found really helpful was the two "read through the Bible in a year" plans found at the back of the book. You can choose a chronological plan or Brian's Daily Audio Bible plan which gives you sections of the Old AND New Testament at the same time. Which sounds much better than wading my way through begats for three days straight :) (that's normally when I decide to stop the whole read-the-bible-in-a-year idea).

SO - GOOD book. Buy it and get ready to be challenged to go further and for your life to change dramatically.

Also check out Daily Audio Bible, which is a great resource for connecting with others who are taking on the challenge of reading the Bible in a year AND Brian has a daily podcast where HE reads through the bible daily and also shares a devotion and commentary. I'm starting TODAY and am excited!

The boys will also be participating in their own Bible in a year journey with Daily Audio Bible Kids, where they will get to listen to children reading the New Testament and at the end of one year they will have read the entire New Testament! There is also interactive resources available for them as well. It's really cool! We listened to the first podcast today and I thought it was fantastic. The boys sat and listened to it as well. What a great way to start their day!

(There is also an app for your iPad or iPhone, so look for that when you're wandering his websites!)

"Many of us would love to read the Bible more often, but we rarely make time for more than a few verses on the run. 

But the Bible was never meant to be read in short segments here and there when you can fit it in. The Bible is meant to be experienced in sizeable chunks - in passages - and read daily. It is not a book of mystical incantations, but the story of God's passionate love - for you. It is not a distant relic, but a best friend offering counsel and companionship - for today.

Through his own remarkable story, Brian Hardin shows you how reading through the Bible in a year changed his life and how it will change yours too. Passages goes beyond exploring how the Bible was meant to be read, providing three distinct Bible reading plans to help you get started doing it right now.

Hardin, whose daily podcast has more than a million listeners a month, guarantees you a life revolution, if you will only commit to a few minutes a day to read through the Bible in a year. 

As you rediscover the joy of reading the Bible, visit and join a community of fellow readers to share your thoughts on your new adventure." 

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review!


Brian Hardin said...

Thank you for your kind words about my book! -Brian