Friday, June 29, 2012


There are four things my children ask me about all.year.long.

The Fireworks Tent!

The boys have been working our church's fireworks tent with me since they were babies and I'm pretty sure they love it more than I do LOL! TNT is kind enough to allow individuals and groups to sell fireworks for them and in exchange we get a percentage of the profits. It's long, hot days and it's tiring, but it's all worth it in the end: we raise money to fund our children's programs and to send kids to church camp. Not to mention all the socializing that happens :)

This year we're super excited because Michigan has made "the GOOD stuff" legal - yay! We can now sell REAL fireworks -the ones that leave the ground- as well as bottle rockets and firecrackers!

The boys and I have been pulling 8-hour shifts at the tent and so we entertain ourselves in a myriad of ways.


Taking our boats for a jaunt around the lake.

Ice cube melting contests 

(Noah's cowlick is a great ice cube holder LOL)

And attempting to take nice photos

(rarely happens...)

SO, if you're in the Charlotte area and spot one of our TWO tents, drop in and say "hi"!
*note to creepers I do not LIVE in Charlotte so don't get all excited*

And if you happen to have a fireworks tent in your area, check it out. It very well could be a church or other non-profit trying to raise some money and wouldn't you rather support a good cause with your money?


Kristie said...

That's neat that the boys enjoy working at the tent with you :-) Did you seel more this year now that you could sell the bigger ones?