Thursday, July 26, 2012



I do believe this is the first Kutless album I have ever owned. I've heard them randomly on the radio, but I've never really paid attention to them. I'm not sure why - I like their music! They have a good beat, it's faster so I have officially dubbed this my "cleaning and dancing" album LOL And no, I generally don't clean and dance at the same time. But seriously, Believer is chock full of great beats, deep lyrics and - wow - I'm listening to their CD now and reading their lyrics, "Even If the Healing Doesn't Come" is an amazing song. That's a song I need on repeat. I think that message could be applied to many different situations. 

I am so in love with this album right now. Believer, to me. In this moment. After a really hard day; is like stepping outside after a rain and breathing deep. I love the refreshing I feel, the lifting of my spirits. Yup, this album is going on repeat for awhile!

"A funny thing happened on the way to the release of “Believer”, the latest album by Kutless. Somehow, without the band even realizing it, through more than a decade of making music, they became… established. 

Just like that, Kutless has transformed from that new rock band from Oregon to the one new bands look up to, the band whose music is all over the radio in multiple formats, the band that’s sold millions of records. 

“We’re not the new band anymore,” says front man Jon Micah Sumrall in a moment of reflection before a show. “Now, people look to us as the veteran. It’s kinda weird. We meet kids who say, ‘I grew up listening to your music’, but they’re like 25 years old!” 

“Believer” finds Kutless using that decade of growth to deliver an expertly crafted set of songs with as much diversity in the music as there is consistency in the message. Pounding drums and screaming guitars lead the way out of the gate as “If It Ends Today” makes the album’s first statement on what it really means to have a relationship with Christ. And a gentle piano points us heavenward as “Carry Me to the Cross” closes in reverent worship. In between, Kutless explores the brutality of the crucifixion, our resulting identity in Christ, and the daily struggle to surrender to His leading. 

It only takes one listen to realize that Kutless has really come of age musically. They’ve determined their style instead of chasing the latest trend, and it shows. As Sumrall put it, “Instead of trying to sound like the music we liked and listened to, I feel like we’ve started to make music that we’re good at, naturally. The new record begins to showcase our lineup, our creative process."" 

I received a copy of this album in exchange for my honest review - thank you!