Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Hi, just wanted to share something that I think is REALLY cool that, apparently, the local news stations didn't (I could have missed it, let me know if I did...)

Did you know that Jordyn Weiber is NOT the only Michigander competing in the Olympics?

Meet Claressa Shields.

She is from Flint MI, 17-years-old and she is competing in women's boxing. This is the FIRST Olympics to offer medals in women's boxing and Claressa has already qualified for a bronze and is competing today for the chance to win Silver or Gold!

I just thought that Claressa should get as much attention as Jordyn. I HATE it when local news stations pick the most popular person and focus on them, ignoring all others.

Props to NPR for running stories on her for months! Follow this link to check out more of Claressa's stories!


CrazyNutsMom said...

I had no idea! Thanks for pointing this out!

grams said...

There is also a diver who is from U of M.

lace said...

There's a men's gymnast from U of M as well.

lace said...

so I looked it up because I was curious (I only knew of 2-3 athletes) but apparently we have 17 Michiganders in the Olympics that either was born here, lived here or trained here.


Alexia said...

Thanks for the link Lace! It's exciting to see so many people from MI in the Olympics!