Friday, April 12, 2013

Waiting in Wonder


Waiting in Wonder
by Catherine Claire Larson

I am one of those moms (probably the only mom) that cannot remember the time her kids were born, how much they weighed or when they took their first step. I was just busy enjoying life with my babies. During my pregnancies? I was half enjoying and half enduring LOL It didn't even occur to me that I might want to record how I was feeling or the crazy foods I ate or the amazing moments I experienced. I would have absolutely loved to have this journal!

"In this beautiful journal, Waiting in Wonder, each day, you will find a devotional reading and Scripture passage designed just for you and for this special season of your life. You will also find helpful prompts which lead you to record your emotions, those significant milestones like finding out you were pregnant, sharing the news, or feeling the first flutters of life, as well as prayers, and love notes to your baby. What a precious gift to be able to give to your son or daughter one day—the gift of knowing you and the love you had for him or her even before you cradled life in your arms."

What I thought was so unique about this journal was that this was not just a log of pregnancy symptoms and first kicks. You can greet each day with a devotion that challenges you spiritually, while speaking to the amazing wonders you are experiencing as your body grows and changes with the life that is forming within. You have writing prompts as well - that speak to your spiritual life as well as your pregnancy experiences. I don't know about you, but I'm not so great at sitting down cold turkey and creating some beautiful passage that I'll be able to return to years later. I need help coming up with things to write :) Waiting in Wonder is a hard-bound beautiful journal and I think it's the perfect gift to give any Mama - it would be amazing to have one of these journals for each pregnancie and be able to return at a later time and see how each experience differed from each other. This is a journal I would have loved to have for EACH of my boys!

***Congratulations to Lace and Diana!***

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review - thank you!


grams said...

I didn't use a pregnancy journal but I did have baby books for each of my kids. That with each new baby got smaller and smaller. lol This would make a great gift for an expectant mom.

Nicole Elliott said...

I didn't keep a tracker during pregnancy, but did do a baby book for each boy after they were born. I did have a book that kept me updated on how they were growing inside me and I liked that :)

CrazyNutsMom said...

I used an online pregnancy tracker to see the grown of my kids. I found it interesting and kinda wow how much development and things going on.

lace said...

I'd possibly start a journal and then forget about it and then remember to do better and then forget about it and then be disappointed that I didn't complete it after my kid is like 10 years old. lol!

but I do think they are cool and would enjoy reading it later in the years.

Dawn Monroe said...

Years ago they only had babybooks and for each of my kids ( all 6 of them) i would swear to fill it out. I never did. Now whenever a new grandbaby is on the way I actually do it! The newest one is due in May so I better get started again.

Diana said...

I didn't use a tracker but I think it would be great!

KaeliH said...

I didn't use a tracker but I think this would be a great gift!
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KaeliH said...

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