Monday, June 3, 2013

Caterpillar Construction Iron Diesel Train

Many thanks, from the boys and I, go to ToyState for sending us this train set in exchange for our honest review! 

The boys were beyond thrilled when this train set showed up in our mailbox a couple of weeks ago.

The Caterpillar Construction Iron Diesel Train is plastic, the engine is completely motorized (2AA batteries, not included) and it comes with two removable trucks as well as a container and boom that are magnetized for easy transferring to the stockyard. 

The Positives: 
For the price (currently $17.71 on Amazon), you get a pretty decent basic train set. I'd consider it an intro to the train set addiction and a nice set to give to little boys who take their trains outside and fill them with dirt. I wouldn't be too broken up if this set found it's way outside. Would it hold up? We'll find out I'm sure :) But I feel like it would. 

The hook-ups for each trailer are easy. A toddler could hook and un-hook each trailer easily.

 The button to turn the train on and off is the red button you see on the top of the locomotive. I like that it's in an easily accessible location.

The track stays together once you snap it all into place. 

The Negatives:

7 feet of track might sound like a lot, but it's really not. There's not many shapes to create, besides your basic oval. And currently I can't find any additional tracks you can buy. Although there is a larger set that comes with 14 feet of track. 

Along with that thought: there are no add-ons at all for this train set. Which is a bummer. We come from the "Thomas Train" era where there are bridges and roundhouses and train stations you can buy (for a pretty penny). I'd love to see this set come with add-ons. I love how affordable this train set is and would have no problems investing in additional items.

The track is a little tricky to put together. I could see some connectors getting snapped if the boys aren't paying attention when they are hooking it up.

The boys adore this train set already, we'll be keeping it around. And I'd definitely consider buying it for a friend's birthday party or for Christmas! The price point is right and, well your not looking at high-quality, it's not rinky-dink either.


Kristie said...

How fun!! I can imagine they LOVED helping you review this one! :-)